Presentations from the conference

Day 1 – Thursday March 25

Plenary 1

Leif Melin, Professor, Centre for Family Enterprise and Ownership, Jönköping International Business School, Sweden
Introduction to conference theme

Track A Tax and law issues in ownership transfers: Critical tax issues

Krister Andersson, Head Tax Policy Department, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, Sweden
”Transfer of businesses – progress, status quo or backlash in the European member states”
Thomas von Cölln, Manager Corporate Tax, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Germany
”Transfer of business to next generation – Recent developments in Germany”

Track B Critical issues in transfer processes: Succession as role transitions

Christina Baines, Vice chair, and Sofie Gunolf, CEO, Indiska, Sweden
Annika Hall, Ph.D, Centre for Family Enterprise and Ownership, Sweden
”The human side of business transfer: A role transition perspective on succession in owner-managed firms”
Ilse Matser, Professor, Managing Director, Dutch Centre for Family Businesses, Netherlands
”A pratical tool to improve the leadership transfer”

Track C Next generation and ownership transfer: Social and psychological space for the next generation

Åsa Björnberg, Ph.D Candidate, London School of Economics, UK
”Emotional ownership: The next generation’s relationship with the family firm”
Annalisa Sentuti, Ph.D, University of Urbino, Italy
”Gender in the next generation: Does it matter? Some Italian empirical evidence on daughters’ pathways in family firms.”

Track D Consequences of ownership transfer for the business firm: Financial perspectives

Darya Granata, Ph.D Candidate, University of Pennsylvania, US
”Family firms in the eye of private equity companies”
Gianluca Colombo, Professor, Universitá della Svizzera Italiana, Switzerland
”Ownership fragmentation and family firms performance. The role of private banking.”

Plenary 2: Influence of taxes on ownership transfers

Paul-Chr. Rieber, President, Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise, Norway
”The discussion on transfer of ownership in Norway.”
Grant Gordon, Director General, Institute for Family Business, UK
”Transfer of ownership: the situation for UK family firms.”
Krister Andersson, Chairman, Tax Policy Group, Business Europe, Sweden
Taxes on business transfers in EU member states and Norway

Day 2 – Friday March 26

Plenary 3: Success factors in ownership transfers

Joseph Astrachan, Professor, Cox Family Enterprise Centre, Kennesaw State University, US
”Success factors in transfers of ownership in family enterprise”
Marcela Ramírez-Pasillas, PhD, Instituto Technologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterray, Mexico
”Transfer of ownership in family businesses and the abolition of taxes”
Hans-Jacob Bonnier, Chairman Bonnier Family Foundation and Vice President Dagens Industri, Sweden
”Bonnier, a long history of transfers of ownership”

Track B Critical issues in transfer processes: Ownership and governance changes

Sibylla Jacobsson, Chairman, Kinnarps Holding AB, Sweden
Kinnarps: The Jarlssons’ Family
Sabine Klein, Professor, Chair for Family Business, WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management, Germany
”Managing the changes of complexity when transferring the family firm: An application of the complexity theorem of corporate governance in family businesses”
Jozef Lievens, Attorney, Eubelius, Belgium
”Succession: the transitional power of governance”
Lars-Göran Sund, Associate Professor, Jönköping International Business School, Sweden
”Transfer of ownership and leadership within the family – The agony of an incumbent”

Track C Next generation and ownership transfer: Competence development for new owners/managers

Annelie Karlsson, Dr, Executive Director, FBN Sweden, Sweden
”Owner´s Education”
Sakari Oikarinen, Managing Director, Confidentum Ltd, Finland
Succession and competence development
Kristoffer Stenström, Partner Berte Group, Sweden
The Berte Group

Track D Consequences of ownership transfer for the business firm: Growth implications

Karin Hellerstedt, Research Fellow, Jönköping International Business School, Sweden, and
Karl Wennberg, Assistant Professor, Stockholm School of Economics and Imperial College, Sweden
”The effects of firm ownership transitions on economic growth and job creation: preliminary findings from a longitudinal population study”
Eddy Laveren, Professor, University of Antwerpen, Belgium
”Transfer of family businesses and its impact on firm`s debt and growth rate”
Peter Voithofer, Mag., KMU Forschung/Austrian Institute for SME Research , Austria
Transfer and succession in Austrian family firms

Plenary 4

Philip Aminoff, President, European Family Business/GEEF, Finland
Ownership transfer: Future needs and actions