Transfer of Ownership in Private Businesses

An international conference on the current research,
policies and practices related to transfer of ownership
and the impact of measures such as taxation

Stockholm, Sweden, 25th – 26th March 2010

We are facing a situation in which a very large number of private
businesses will be changing hands. This fact is garnering a great deal of
attention and triggering analysis of the potential consequences of business

The purpose of the conference is to present the current state of
understanding and research related to transfers of ownership and case
studies of completed transfers. The conference will also address and
evaluate the impact of various measures implemented in recent years for
facilitating business transfer.

The intended audience includes a wide range of stakeholders. The
conference is designed to facilitate dialogue and knowledge transfer
among discrete competencies such as researchers, entrepreneurs,
politicians, experts and advisors.

The two-day conference will comprise plenary sessions and parallel seminar
blocks. Keynote speakers at ministerial level within Swedish government
and EU together with researchers, entrepreneurs and experts will highlight
the latest research and experiences of transfer of ownership in private

Written material will be continuously presented on the conference website.

After the conference, research reports and other material will be compiled
in an anthology which will serve both as a final conference report and
as a current overview of international research on business transfers. The
published material will be available to all interested parties.

The conference is arranged by Centre for Family Enterprise and Ownership
(CeFEO) at the Jönköping International Business School and Confederation
of Swedish Enterprise in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers and the
law firm Gärde Wesslau Advokatbyrå.

We wish you a very warm welcome to Stockholm!
The Conference Organizing Committee