Ethel Brundin

Ethel BrundinProfessor, Jönköping International Business School, Sweden

Sessions: Day 1, Track C, Next generation and ownership transfer: Social and psychological space for the next generation
Day 2, Track C, Next generation and ownership transfer: Competence development for new owners/managers

Ethel Brundin, PhD, is an Professor in the Department of Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Management at Jönköping International Business School and a member of the CeFEO group. Prior to completing her PhD, she was an owner manager of two businesses started by her in Sweden and the UK within organizational and leadership training as well as a luncheon voucher company.

Ethel defended her thesis “Emotion in Motion, The Strategic Leader in a Radical Change Process” in 2002. The empirical context in the thesis was family businesses and owner managed companies. The thesis received a lot of media attention and met with interest from the international research community. It was ranked as one of the top ten dissertations in Europe in 2003 by EDAMBA Journal. She was, together with Leif Melin and Emilia Florin Samuelsson, the winner of the 2005 FBCG Alden G. Lank Research Award for their research paper: Family Ownership Logic – Core Characteristics of Family Controlled Businesses.

Ethel has published in international journals and edited books about strategic leadership, and immigrant, ethnic and social entrepreneurship as well as methodological issues. She has attended a range of international conferences, including FBN-IFERA research conferences and IFERA annual workshops, to present results from ongoing research. Her teaching is focused on Leadership and she has international teaching experience on undergraduate and graduate levels as well as from doctoral courses and executive training.

The focus of her research interest lies primarily within micro processes of family businesses, new business ventures and different arenas of strategic leadership. She is currently involved in the following research project within CeFEO: “The Logic of Ownership, Accountability and Emotions in Family Controlled Businesses” together with Professor Leif Melin and Emilia Florin Samuelsson, Ph.D. Three main research questions define the core of this project: (1) to characterize the logic of ownership that the family controlled firms and firms with concentrated ownership represent and analyze the consequences of such logic for the strategic development of the /family/ business; (2) to analyze how financial and management accounting practices affect structures and processes of accountability in the family controlled firm/ in the firm with concentrated ownership ; and (3) to analyze the role of emotions in ownership and governance processes in the family controlled firm/the firm with concentrated ownership.

In addition, Ethel is involved in the following research projects where emotions are in focus: “Employees’ Understanding of Managers’ Displays” together with Professor Dean Shepherd, University of Indiana, USA. The purpose of this research is to better understand the possible impact of CEO’s displayed emotions on the willingness of employees to be entrepreneurial. It is hoped that this research will assist CEOs to better manage their organizations to achieve entrepreneurial outcomes.

“Escalation of Commitment among CEOs/Entrepreneurs” together with Veronica Gustavsson, Ph.D., EMM department of JIBS. The purpose of this study is to better understand what emotional aspects that affects entrepreneurs and CEOs’ decision making regarding investments and the effect of escalation of commitment. She is also the project manager for an international research project between Sweden and South Africa about entrepreneurial learning and sustainability.