Annika Hall

Annika HallPh.D, Jönköping International Business School, Sweden

Sessions: Day 1, Track B Critical issues in transfer processes: Succession as role transitions, ”The human side of business transfer: A role transition perspective on succession in owner-managed firms”

Annika Hall (Ph.D in Management) is affiliated with CeFEO and Jönköping International Business School, Sweden. Dr. Hall defended her thesis “Strategising in the context of genuine relations: An interpretative study of strategic renewal through family interaction” in September 2003. In addition to research, Dr. Hall is engaged in undergraduate and executive research over the last ten years, both in Sweden and abroad. She has been invited guest lecturer at universities in Germany, Spain, Italy and Finland. In 2000 she spent part of the spring as visiting research fellow at University of Alberta, Canada. Dr. Hall has published her research in journals such as Family Business Review and Scandinavian Journal of Organisational Psychology, as well as in edited books. She regularly presents her research at international conferences such as FBN-IFERA reserch conference, IFERA annual workshop, EGOS Colloquium and European Academy of Management (EURAM). She has also taken part in arranging international conferences on family business in Sweden (IFERA 2004 and EIASM workshop on family business management, June 2005). Dr Hall has received several awards for her research. Among these are the Alden G Lank award for best paper at the 2002 FBN World conference, the Family Firm Insitute’s award for best doctoral dissertation for 2004 and the best unpublished research paper award from the Family Firm Institute in 2005.

Annika Hall’s current research is carried out both individually and in international research teams. Present research projects concern issues such as external management of family owned businesses, role- and identity perspectives on family business dynamics, familiness and social capital within family firms, and the transmission of values over time in growing, multigenerational family firms and its impact on strategy development and firm performance. Dr. Hall is co-founder of Center for Family Enterprise and Ownership (CeFEO) at Jönköping International Business School, the first research and learning center in the Nordic countries devoted to family business and ownership issues, where she also teaches at undergraduate, graduate and executive levels. She is also an appreciated speaker to family firms and organizations working with family firms.