Annalisa Sentuti

Annalisa SentutiPh.D, University of Urbino, Italy

Sessions: Day 1, Track C Next generation and ownership transfer: Social and psychological space for the next generation, ”Gender in the next generation: Does it matter? Some Italian empirical evidence on daughters’ pathways in family firms.”

Degree in Economics, University of Urbino (Italy), 2001.
PhD in Business Administration, University of Macerata (Italy), 2008.

Annalisa Sentuti is a contract professor of Business Administration at the University of Urbino (Faculty of Foreigner Languages and Literatures) and a lecturer in Business Administration at the same College (Faculty of Economics).
She defended her doctoral thesis entitled “Family Business Continuity: the Role of Gender in the Succession Process” on 18 March 2008 at University of Macerata (Italy). For her doctoral dissertation, she was awarded the Sidrea Award (Società Italiana dei Docenti di Ragioneria e di Economia Aziendale – Italian Society of Teachers in Accounting and Business Administration) for Outstanding Italian Doctoral Thesis in Business Administration (2008).
She is a member of the Italian Family Enterprise Research Academy – ITFERA.
Annalisa has taught entrepreneurship, organizational theory and balance sheet analysis at undergraduate, master and executive levels since 2001. Currently, she teaches courses in Business Administration and Family Business.

• Small and Medium Family-Owned Business: strategy of internationalization; generational transition processes; competence of next generation and growth strategies; women’s pathways to participation and leadership in the family firms. In particular Annalisa’s research focuses on the “female succession process” that is the specific characteristics of succession when women take part – as founders or successors – in the transfer of ownership and leadership.
• Female Entrepreneurship: start-up of women-owned businesses; women and bank relationship (expectations, perceptions, problems); continuity of women-owned businesses.