Conference Newsletter April 2010

Newsletter for the international conference on Transfer of Ownership in Private Businesses – European Experiences in Stockholm, Sweden, March 25th – 26th 2010.

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The contents:

Myriad aspects of transfer of ownership
The conference gave the opportunity to find out about research and current practice from various points of departure. Reports, presentations and conclusions will be summarised in the next newsletter.

Advantage Sweden
Sweden is not often given the epithet of tax paradise, and rightfully so. But that is actually the picture that takes shape from a transfer of ownership perspective. According to Göran Grosskopf, chairman of IKEA and former Tera Pak, all forms of roll backs must be avoided.

Critical tax issues
Policymakers in many countries have in recent years become more interested in ownership and corporate taxation. Krister Andersson from Confederation of Swedish Enterprise emphasised that virtually everyone now understands just how detrimental the wealth tax is.

Taxes affect transfers of ownership
State secretary Jöran Hägglund noted that many of Swedens 950.000 companies are affected by transfers of ownership. The transfers require extensive preparation but Mr Hägglund also stressed that legislation aimed at strengthening growth opportunities for small businesses is at least equally important.

Transfer of ownership and the repeal of inheritance and gift tax in Sweden
One clear finding in this study was that transfers of ownership could be carried out in a more focused manner once the tax issues were eliminated.

Future needs and closing remarks
European Family Business/GEEF has recommendations for policy makers

  • avoid taxes that punish access to capital
  • make long-term capital ownership as profitable as other long-term savings like bonds, real estate and life assurance policies

In the closing remarks there was stated that this conference will continue in some form as transfers of ownership are important and of rising interest in the political arena.

Download our conference newsletter April (PDF).